We believe that people who pay for executive suites want something special -- something a bit grander than a run-of-the-mill leased space. That’s why we invested over $80,000 in furnishing our foyer and meeting rooms. Our Japanese lithographs, slate flooring, granite countertops, bird’s-eye maple paneling and cherry conference tables are all a cut above, enabling you to project the upscale image so critical to today’s successful executives.

Designed with executives in mind

Our 14,000-square foot building was designed from the ground up as an executive facility. It comprises 60 individual offices and work-stations, providing a broad range of work-space configurations.

All offices have exterior views and large windows. The main stairwell and entire length of the upstairs hallways have skylights to optimize natural lighting. A balcony and exterior walkway skirts the entire courtyard, enhancing the garden feel of the facility.

Telephony and IT infrastructure

The campus is fully “wired. In addition to our campus-wide secure WiFi network, we offer multiples Ethernet Cat5e ports in every office and workstation, providing state-of-the-art online and VoIP communications options.